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Platforms, software, or equipment that run online and enable for the storing of files and data in a centralized and secure web location are known as cloud-based services, also known as cloud computing as a service. Cloud computing solutions enable monitored, controlled, and restricted access for your team and colleagues. Additionally, cloud solutions make it simple for authorized users with access to move files and documents from a number of hardware devices, including phones, laptops, and servers, to an internet server. After then, apps or web browsers can access this data from many devices.

Businesses can use the cloud computing services provided by third-party providers in place of having their own servers and hard drives dedicated to the storage of important paperwork, which can be an expensive and unreliable solution if they aren’t properly maintained. A cloud services provider simply charges you for the amount of space you use while maintaining their own servers and guaranteeing the security of all data kept on their infrastructure. Because of this, cloud computing as a service is an accessible, economical, and secure solution for businesses in South Africa and other countries.

The popularity of cloud services has been rising all over the world, but it has been especially true in South Africa, partially as a result of the widespread power problem the nation has been experiencing. Businesses find it challenging to get servers on-premises to operate properly during outages like load-shedding, and hardware is also more vulnerable to failure due to power spikes during a power outage.

As a result, cloud services are an excellent option for businesses in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and the rest of South Africa. Many of these companies collaborate with their preferred cloud services provider and invest in both private and public cloud services. In contrast to private cloud services, which are restricted to a single organization, public cloud services are shared by a number of organizations, allowing for the sharing of related costs.

J & I IT World, a cloud service provider, is well-positioned to meet your demands by providing a variety of cloud-based services to suit South African and worldwide enterprises. J & I IT World can help you with anything from cloud storage to cloud backup and disaster recovery, cloud PBX systems, and consultation on a variety of cloud services.

Consulting client

Cloud consulting

Allow us to assist your company in reaching its full potential through consulting, strategic technology planning, and road mapping across a wide range of technologies, including cloud services. With Solid Systems, you can exceed...

Uploading files on cloud service

Cloud computing

Rent virtual machines as necessary to serve as a server and help you run your apps. Cloud computing as a service provides your business with the freedom and infrastructure it requires to operate efficiently and effectively in the cloud

Dialing a telephone in the office

Cloud PBX

There is no longer a need for landlines or astronomical cell phone rates. A cloud PBX solution that provides true per-second charging can significantly lower telephone costs. Even your customers won't be able to distinguish...

System administrator checking equipment in data center
Cloud hosting

On cloud infrastructure, we provide dedicated domain, database, and web hosting services in both domestic and international data centers. This makes managing the web presence of your company easy and secure.

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Cloud storage

Give your teams access to the data they need, on any device and from anywhere in the world. File management and collaboration are simple with our dependable, affordable, pay-as-you-go cloud service.

Blade server rack in large datacenter
Cloud backup

In addition to backing up your data, J & I IT World can quickly restore your system from a backup in the event of a disaster, enhancing business continuity and assisting your company's exponential growth.

Key Benefits of Cloud Services

There are several advantages to adopting a cloud service, even while the idea of keeping all of your data and papers online may seem intimidating. Just a few benefits of storing your data in the cloud are listed below: